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well let me start with my list of all my replacement parts,maf,o2 sensors(front and back)new plugs, new coils.Also not related to problem,i've down a brake job(new rotors,crossed drilled,new brake lines,rebuilt calipers withnew sleeves and the rest of the parts).I've also replaced all my power steering hoses.I also have new springs in the garage waiting to be put on too_O,almost forgot have new battery and new injectors in my garage waiting to be installed.after all this, it must be something either stupid or just bad karma.So anyway thats my problem,car won't always start and is quite embarrising having a nice car and having to try to get in running,and all i get is the turning over and over of the motor,then 20 or so minutes(i've had to wait as long as an hourand also listeningto my wife bitching about this problem,but i love my car and want to keep more thing yes i have also replaced the crank and camshaft sensor,i keep remembering things i .done
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