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Got a 5 speed auto in the car and when I changed the negine I spilled a bit of fluid out. Torque convertor feel out. I spun it round and round and round and made sure it clicked in when I reinstated it. I have topped it up using the process in the manual but still get some real strange things happening. I have the car running and heat the oil up to warm on th epan open the drain and push oil in till it runs out. Did this twice and had to put another 500 ml in the next time.

In E mode when the tranny shifts up from 2-3 its free revs out to 4000 rpm then selects a gear.

In S mode its pretty good but will still do this on occansions

in * (snow) mode I haven't had it to fourth yet.

Then when you stop it will go into limp mode (light comes on) and drive perfectly. No change problems at all. Just no 4th or 5th

I have ordered a reader and its coming so I can hook up my laptop but I am after ideas where to start looking.

Its a 3/1991 E36 320i saloon. Euro spec ( hence the snow mode in the auto)

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Did you change the rensmission filter?
Were there any issues with the transmission prior to the work being done on the car?
Are there any unusual noises associated with these issues?
Does reverse take up pretty much as soon as you select it?
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