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Audio installer Bed, Herts, Cambs area needed for E39 iPod, Sub etc

I have a 2000 model E39 with factory satnav/tv widescreen audio system.

I've bought the following:

Intravee 2
Alpine KCA-420i
Cache CEO6

Plus I already have iPod, JL-Audio 12" sub and a Genesis Profile 4 channel amp and a Genesis sub amp.

I recently took the time to cut out the ski-hatch and fit the ski cassette, but I removed the ski bag and front flap. I did this simply so I can have my sub in the boot, with the speaker up against the ski-hatch so I can hear/feel bass in the car. The only thing that will be between the sub and the driver is the cloth part that fits to the top of the fold-down arm with velcro.

Now, I don't know how to wire all this stuff up, especially to the head unit, so I need a professional installer, who is familiar with this 5 series system and the parts I've bought.

Can anyone recommend a good car audio installer in my area. I live in St.Neots, PE19 just off the A1 about 40 miles North of London. Beds, Herts or Cambs would be ideal, North London even.

I have already tried the main audio centre in Bedford, but they are way too expensive, and the local guys in St.Neots, I've heard bad things about.

I could probably fit the Alpine, Intrevee myself if anyone can point me to a tutorial with pictures on a forum perhaps. As for the Cache CEO6, not sure if I could fit that myself.

I also want to change the two frond speakers in the doors as the standard BMW ones are a bit woolly, I want something with fast response and kick.

The BMW I have does not have the fancy stereo system with tons of speakers in each front door, just the standard system.

Can anyone also recommend any decent speakers for the front, I think they are called axel system speakers? where the kit comes with two speakers and two tweeters, is axel the right word here?

Thanks guys,

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