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Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kits Now Available for BMW Applications

– EBC Brakes Racing’s new ‘Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kits’ offer one giant leap forwards for the performance braking market
– Readily available for the E36 and E46 BMW M3, with more applications to follow
– Featuring 4-piston front calipers, fully floating 2-piece rotors, front & rear pads, braided lines and all fluid/fixtures required
– Proudly engineered in the UK

One Giant Leap for Performance Braking
EBC Brakes Racing’s Apollo Balanced Big Brake Kits represent the ultimate upgrade when it comes to improving stopping power.
Complete with stunning, British-engineered four-piston calipers and all the hardware you need to completely replace all equivalent components of your vehicle’s stock braking system, these complete kits give a firmer and more responsive brake pedal feel and allow you to drive much longer without the onset of brake fade.
Unlike all other ‘big brake kits’ on the market – which solely supply the parts for the front axle – every EBC Balanced Big Brake Kit is a full-vehicle upgrade and is supplied complete with matching friction rear pads to fit the original caliper, as well as braided brake lines all-round, ensuring a totally balanced brake upgrade that delivers maximum braking performance.

Available now for:
BMW M3 (E36)
BMW M3 (E36 Meyle Version – available on request)
BMW M3 (E46)

Apollo-Series calipers
Key features:
EBC’s lightweight-yet-strong aluminium four-piston brake caliper
2-piece bolted design that incorporates high-tensile 12.9-grade steel bolts for reinforcement of the caliper bridge section (computer FEA analysis shows that this offers significant improvements in caliper stiffness compared to a monobloc design)
Machined from heat-treated low-pressure castings (this offers a noticeable performance advantage over conventional gravity cast calipers, exhibiting higher overall strength and a comparable caliper body stiffness to forging)
Rather than a powder-coated finish, all Apollo calipers use an advanced high-temperature Teflon™ polyester coating process to ensure they look great for much longer. Currently available in Racing Red, Stealth Black, Storm Shadow Blue and Luminous Yellow

Fully-floating 2-piece brake rotors
Key features:
Fully-floating 2-piece rotors that allow the outer ring to expand freely in response to heat (this reduces stress which in turn extends rotor life and reduces the tendency for rotor cracking during extreme use)
Drive bobbins machined from a single piece of stainless steel giving maximum strength and corrosion resistance (this reduces maintenance requirements and ensures the outer ring continues to float freely over time)
Rotor rings feature 48 directional internal curved vanes for improved cooling
Unique ‘Swept Groove’ slot design for effective evacuation of braking dust and gasses whilst ensuring good initial bite on brake application

Bluestuff NDX Performance Brake Pads
Key features:
Every kit is supplied with EBC’s Bluestuff NDX pads for both the front and rear axles
Extremely capable fast road and track day/race friction material, that retain excellent cold friction and control

Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Key features:
Every kit is supplied with EBC Brake’s stainless-steel braided brake lines front and rear. Also including rear lines is another market first from EBC and one that ensures that every EBC Balanced Big Brake Kit includes every single piece of hardware you need to result in a truly balanced performance brake upgrade
Every hose has a stainless-steel braided exterior that prevents a phenomenon known as ‘ballooning’, this braided exterior prevents the spongey feel of OE rubber lines and provides greater precision and feel under braking

Super DOT 4 Brake Fluid
Key features:
Every kit is supplied with 1 litre of BF307+ super DOT 4 brake fluid. This fluid has a 307°C boiling point – a significantly higher boiling point than standard DOT 5.1 fluid
Having such a high boiling point gives the braking system exceptional endurance, allowing you to push hard for extended periods without heat soak causing the fluid to boil and resulting in fade

EBC Brakes Racing
Formed in 2015 as a response to the ever-expanding track day and race car markets, EBC Brakes Racing is a sub-division of world-leader in the industry, EBC Brakes.
With modern vehicles becoming increasingly heavy, coupled with ever-higher power outputs, the demand placed on the braking system today is higher than ever. As such, EBC Brakes Racing was born: aiming to offer uncompromised braking products of the finest quality that offer unparalleled levels of performance.
Several million pounds has already been invested into the development of EBC Brakes Racing’s British-built range of products, which includes the likes of RP-1 pads, Apollo Big Brake Kits and fully-floating two-piece rotors.
EBC Brakes Racing provides car enthusiasts around the world with quality, UK-made parts at competitive prices, whilst staying true to its mantra of developing braking products that offer unparalleled levels of performance.

Prices start from £1495.00 (inc. VAT) per pair

Where to buy EBC Products - EBC Brakes

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