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Hey people,

my motor is a 728i made in 2000

I didn't use the car for a few months over winter and it got buried in snow!
I know its August now, but I don't use the car often!!
Anyway, ever since its had no power when I start it from warm.

Took it and had a diag done and they told me it was the cam sensor.
As I currently live in Ukraine, the word foreigner and lots of money
immediately enter the minds of garages here!! (I am a brit)
And of course they didn't give me a printout of the diag!

So I thought I would replace it myself, does anybody know where the cam position sensor is on the 2.8 straight 6?

Also, the weather is damn hot here and my aircon isn't working any more, after the aforementioned winter.
At first I thought the gas had leaked out due to the cold weather (-29) and the fact I had not used the car for a long time, but tonight while having a tinker around I noticed that when I switch on the aircon the pump is not activating at all.
So now I am assuming that the gas maybe ok and its an electrical problem caused by being frozen for a long time. Any Ideas where to look?

Any help appreciated!

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The camshaft position sensor on the M52 is located underneath the VANOS solenoid. It is fairly easy to get at and I wouldn't think it takes more than an hour to replace. There's a good DIY I found that tells you everything you need to do.


I'm not too familiar with the AC systems on BMW's so I can't help you with that. Sorry.

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As an update, the cam sensor I need to order as this is Ukraine, so that's going to be a while!
As for the A/C....well i pulled off the single power wire to the compressor and tested it with my volt meter, getting a reading of 9 volts! I assume it should be 12 volts.
So I took a direct feed of 12 volts from the battery and plugged that in to the compressor, this engaged the clutch and it began to rotate.
I have checked the fuses and they are ok.
I think the A/C electronics are messed up somewhere!
Tried to follow the wiring harness but it disappears behind the inner wing, so I have no idea where it goes...
Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram so I can further investigate?
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