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After the bunny left jb's house he trekked up to Canada and dropped off some new lights fromm ddm tuning. thank god, I was so sick of my old ones. Vehicle Car Grille Hood Automotive exterior
passenger side lights were some pos hids drivers side new ddm lights
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Personal luxury car Luxury vehicle

new lights installedwork great EXCEPT; I now have a constant dinging in my car, it is similar to the sound when you leave your keys in the ignition but a lower tone. the only difference in light installation was not using this grey connector. could this be what is making the sound?
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Is the grey connector for your brights?

PnP stands for "plug and play" connector. It allows you to take the existing headlight connectors (which are 900X connection) and "plug" them into the wiring harness which then plugs into the back of the ZKW Euro Ellipsoid. These connectors may also be used as a part of a connector to ANY existing 9005/6 system.

Pin 1 = Ground @ 12 O'Clock
Pin 2 = City Light @ 3 O'Clock
Pin 3 = Low Beam @ 6 O'Clock
Pin 4 = High Beam @ 9 O'Clock

Ground = Brown or Black
City Light = Grey or White
Low Beam = Yellow or Green
High Beam = White or Red

jb ;)


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no, have brights. tried switching the black and grey but the hids wouldn't fire they would only flicker
You might need to use a relay harness for your HID's. I know older cars have issues with the factory 900X connections not having wiring in a big enough gauge to power the HID ballast consistently.

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