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All microfiber(mf) towels are not the same. These towels are at least two to three times as soft as any other mf towel I have owned. With a higher fiber count than other towels, they feel more like suede and are so soft that any mother would feel comfortable wrapping her baby in them.

I recently purchased two 29.5"x 16" DF AlpineMicrofiber Towels from They can be used to dry, wax and clean your ride or even dust it instead of that other west coast duster product. Check them out here<---.

They only come in white and should be washed three to four times before using to remove a bit of excess lint. They get even softer the more you use them.

Other sizes range from 8.25"x8.25" to 36"x20" for the towels and they also sell wash mitts, buffer bonnets and wax applicators made of the same fabric.

Note: I have no interest (financial or otherwise) in this company.
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