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Aggressive BMW 7-series sales programs being tested in the UK
Are they coming to the USA soon?

Just in from the UK- Shocker, BMW has decided to tough it out over the much criticized 7-Series styling by abandoning the scheduled early make-over that would create a new look, a little more like a bigger version of the forthcoming 5-Series.
Instead, the Bavarians will try to stave of the inevitable by offering a combination of new engines (starting with a 275bhp 3.5-litre petrol base model) better specification on SE and Sports (like new kit as standard) and some "irresistible" finance options(including low interest rates) to make the cars very attractive indeed.
The company has decreed that the planned 2005 facelift will be the only point at which the model is refreshed- but ONLY AS A LAST RESORT - if the new engines, freebees and affordability do not improve what some BMW dealers in the UK have admitted are "shockingly poor sales indeed".
Get ready for some really impressive rebates, frighteningly high guaranteed residuals and subsidized low BMW finance rates. If this policy works in the UK where it is being trialed, it will be repeated globally. Currently in the UK, BMW are quoting $5K deposit and $900 p/m for a 730 (petrol or diesel), and can locate a car "from stock" in 24-hours. In luxury car terms, BMW are almost giving cars away to get them out of the storage pound.
Keep your eyes on the press and don't forget to drive a hard bargain at the dealer. Unofficially, BMW are under strict instructions to do almost ANYTHING to sell a 7.
Ironically, it's not a bad car if you can get past the design and the electronic bugs/glitches.
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