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I'm looking for some advice/opinion on M70 and M73 engines.

The plan is to increase compression on one of these engines.
The main question is how high compression/power stock M70 ore M73 engine internals can hold - from your experience?
Planing upgrades - cams (possibly from S70B56), modify engine block (only cut som mm to increase compression) and heads (to increase compression and air flov), possibly stay to stock valves, I have read that the S70 head gaskets is better, and use E85 fuel, possibly do some lubrication sysytem upgrade.
Is there some mistake or weak points in setup like that?

I have read that M70 and M73 in stock have forged con-rods and crank, but what about pistons - your opinion - what hp they are good for?

p.s. If this topic is not under the appropriate section - please feel free to move topic to the correct title.
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