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1994 BMW E32 740il AC compressor will not kick in. My work so far:
New compressor
New dryer
New connectors to compressor
New temp sensor to radiator
New high/low switch sensor
Vacuum down done
Cooling fan functions if powered directly.
Freon added (had to run power directly to compressor to get it to power up and take Freon)
I have tested the sword-works as it should.
ALL fuses and relays tested and/or replaced as needed.
What happens is-
When I turn on AC with engine running, I get blowing air - not cooled air. Cooling fan does not activate nor does the compressor.
If I run power directly to compressor I get cooled air in cabin but no cooling fan activity.
I have tested cooling fan-works once it gets power.
Heater valve tested and solenoids sound however I have ordered a rebuild kit just because it is the original and I am sure it’s pretty nasty in there.
All of this to ask - what have I missed?
Your suggestions appreciated!!
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