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The BMW X6 M continues to be a confused child in our eyes in the crossover segment. The twin-turbocharged 4.4L V8 tosses out 555-hp and 501 ft-lbs of torque, numbers that rival the much larger and more popular Porsche Cayenne Turbo. But BMW sticking their coveted M-badge on a SAV (or SUV, whichever you'd like to believe the X6 is) almost seems sacrilegious to us. But hey, the world is changing and so we have to accept that people want performance-themed utility vehicles.

So all we can do is go with the flow and accept it for what it is. But thankfully there are companies like AC Schnitzer out there that are trying to make the X6 M find its identity. And naturally, with all the performance the X6 M has from the factory, AC Schnitzer mostly focused on the aesthetics inside and out.

With a contrasting combination of carbon fiber and chrome, AC Schnitzer's offerings to enhance the exterior include a front spoiler, front grille, hood vents, wheel arch extensions, rear roof wing, rear spoiler and rear diffuser. And one interesting modification is a hood top that is made of carbon with an acrylic glass window displaying the insides of the engine bay. Perhaps AC Schnitzer caught a glimpse of all those Photoshop "see-through" hoods everyone seems to do.

Inside the X6 M, one can get themselves a collection of AC Schnitzer-branded parts. The gauge cluster converts the speedometer to 360 km/h while sporting a fashionable AC Schnitzer logo on the tachometer. The new cluster sports a white background and red illuminated needles. Then there are the "black Exclusiv" carbon fiber interior pieces and steering wheel insert. The rest are just simple amenities including a carbon cover for the automatic gear knob, aluminum cover for the i-Drive system and aluminum foot rest and pedal set. If that isn't enough, velour floor mats are available with AC Schnitzer branding.

AC Schnitzer also has an impressive catalog of wheels and their 20-, 22-, and 23-inch offerings for the X6 M gives a variety of choices.

Check out the extensive gallery at the link below for all detailed photos of everything AC Schnitzer is offering for the X6 M.

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