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Tomorrow morning I will be taking delivery of a 1998 528i and I have a couple of questions.

The car has about 90k miles on it with the auto tranny, premium pack, dark green with a tan int.

1) What problem areas do I need to check out??

2) When should the timing belt be changed??

3) At what mileage should the tranny be flushed??

4) What are the maintenace items I should do when taking delivery??

5) I basically looked over the car, I am mechanically inclined but never messed with a Bmer, I noticed that the oil filler cap has gunk underneath it and it is also covering the inside of the head. What caused this? Is it major? how can I flush it out?

6) What upgrades does this car take a liking to??

7) Can I but the Xeon HIDs in the car without a major fab??

8) Are these cars problematic when they reach 100k+ miles??

9) What gen is this car?? ie e39 ect.

Thanks everyone for your time,

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Ok I'm not going to be much help but here goes, I also have a 98 528i, mine is a standard and it has just under 80K right now though

1. Assuming nothing has been done except oil changes..Water pump, belts, gasket leaks etc.

2. ?? Ask the stealer...I mean dealer.

3. NOW

4. If it was me... new oil and filter, replace all air filters to include the wildly overpriced Hepa's, trans fluid, diffs, flush the brakes and replace pads if needed. I'm anal retentative though.....

5. my guess, 90K miles, not being driven over 70mph to much, oil maybe has not been changed as needed in the past.

6. How much money you got?? It likes everything and everything costs money...normally, generally, most of the time..lots of money. :lmao2

7. YES

8. Don't know

9. Yes E39

Have fun.. :cheers
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