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Hey Guys,

I'm not sure who's had to go in or not, but a couple bmw's have had to go in that i know of for computer problems.

1. A client of ours has a 2003 BMW 745i and it started pinging so he took it in.. there ended up being a software upgrade that he needed. Got that and everything is fine. Funny thing... not considered a recall, nor did he receive an email previously about it.

2. My parents had to take their 2004 530i in when the airbag light came on. I guess that there was a seatbelt malfunction. That ended up being a software upgrade with the paperwork showing it as a recall. I think it was just too early to get anything in the mail from them since the car's only been out a couple months.

I guess that's what happens with all this new technology being used everywhere. The first for the 7 was pretty serious!! Anyhow, just a heads up for any folk that might own 'em but not showing symptoms. =)
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