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Hey guys, I have a few problems with my car....Any help is appriciated.

Firstly I dont have the radio code...and I need tunes!! Can someone tell me how to remove the radio without the special tools so I can put my CD headunit in?

Secondly, My car needs the gas pressed a bit when started. If you dont, it just revs up then dies. Giving it a little gas before it dies stablizes the engine (2.7) at 1000 rpms. Sometimes when u stop the revs will drop to 500, but shutter slightly and go back to 1000, seems like the ECU is correcting something.

My backup lights flicker, My gas gauge is jumpy and sometimes inoperable.
The ABS light was on when I bought it but has just recently shut off.

Also, I noticed the service meter lights in the bottom center of the cluster dont seem to work , and the brake lights (EBRAKE, BRAKE LINING, ETC) dont flash or anything when the car is started. Also, the coolant light is on even tho there is the right coolant level in the car.

Any help with any of these issues is GREATLY appriciated. Im a BMW n00b and I cannot wait to straighten out my "Ultimate Driving Machine"

Vince Esser 1987 BMW 325 2 door (2.7)
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