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Hey guys. I have a 97 328i, 5spd, 155k miles.

I have searched. But could not find a definite answer.

So my heater and ac doesnt blow very hard. It blows when im driving. According to other posts, its the heater core valve?

Also, another thing. I have a newer (March '09) waterpump, thermostat, housing. when the car is turned on, and the coolant resovoir cap is off, there is no circulation of coolant at idle or lower rpms. Circulation of coolant happens at higher rpms.

In the other posts, people suggested putting in new water pumps, but mine is new. (no overheating issues or anything). i also put in a new cabin filter

since i know this issue of no circulation of coolant, im assuming thats why i have no ac/heater unless im driving.

What do you guys think?

i really need opinions/suggestions.

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