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you know how some of the BMW cas have dual exhaust like the M3 and the 328, one pipe for cylinder 1,2,3 and another for 4,5,6,
Well i wanted to chane my singe pipe for a dual,
i whent to a shop, and i also change my Cat for a single cat 2 in 2 out and i also put some resomators to lower the noice.

Heres the problem now im geting a code thats sais catalictic deficiency on bank 1, now that i realize about the exhaust is that shop put the o2 sensor before the cat on one of the pipes, and since its not geting any gases from the other pipe its sending the code. :mad

i been thinking of a solution for the code can i put an H pipe and puting the O2 sensor in the midle so it can get the gases from bouth pipes will this work if not can some one help me PLZ i know a cant use an O2 sensor simulator due to the harm that can cause to the engine:help:help:help
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