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Arite here is the deal, I had recently replaced the head on my 318ti had taken the use head I bought refurbished pressure tested everything to make sure to was good to slap on (which it was I blew my hold one ofcourse I hope I never do that agian). Arite well I replaced that head gasket, water pump, thermostat, fan an fan clutch(honestly this car never had one!! An for some reason it just ran fine!! Idk but anyways) an replaced a/c fan, an coolant temprature switch, an new radiator!!! An honestly I can't figure out why the hell it's still over heating! I understand there might be an air pocket but I need to know how to get rid of it an once that is done will the problem stop? (if not what else do I do?) now another problem has emerged ... My318ti at times will have a very hard spudering idle .. An it will have a really had time tryig to idle normal when just after accelerating or just inital start up, an even some time it acts like it's not even getting fuel it will crank but won't stay on ..(I honestly don't think it's timing becasue it will idle normal once it gets goin but then all what I told u starts to happen an I've even checked the idle control valve) Now I've come to the conclusion my fuel pump is goin out or my fuel filter could be shot... Can any please ! Please !! Give me advise on either problem I've already spent over 1,500 just to get it running agian. If any one can help will be greatly appreciated thank you :)
- Aaron
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