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95 525i help!

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hey everone, I left my keys in my car ( I locked it by presing down the lock) and my remote won't work ( replaced the battery, thinking that was the problem, no go). :( PLEASE HELP! any ideas (besides break the widow)?
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Has the remote worked before? Are you sure of a good battery and the remote synched to your car?
yes the remote has worked before, got mad I while back and threw it, so not sure now :) and I have replaced the battery with a new car battery DID die a while ago (would I have to re-sync it?)
any idea how to get back in my car?
Have you tried the emergency unlock procedure?

Go to the passenger side and turn the key while lifting the door handle. It should unlock. If not ... I guess you're either gonna have to break something or pay someone to break into your car (which is easier said than done on a BMW). If you double locked the car, breaking in is not an option, and you will have to break glass somewhere.
I would have tried the emergency unlock but the keys are locked in the car ( the spare or 'vallet' is in the car, I lost the master) when I get into my it possible for me to have a new master key made? I live in Charleston, SC
which would be cheaper, paying someone to break in or breaking the window ( the rear driver-side window comes off the track when you try to put it down and the weather strip stuff is messed up anyway or should I break the qaurter panel [thinking that might be the cheapest option (might not be able to reach the lock if I did though)]
the remote doesn't work so I can't double lock my car.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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