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Newby here
I have a 88 325is. Have had it since new, 60k miles now. Runs great . When the car has been run awhile and then is shut off for about 5 or more minutes It will not start when key is turned. It will always start as soon as you try again. I am talking like you can turn key and then turn off and start again. It will start and run great. When it is not starting it sort of chugs and misses. However just as soon as you try again it runs great. Just like new.
I have replaced the ECU, Idle control, Air box.

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check fuel lines. sounds like maybe you have a bad hose, perhaps a pinhole letting fuel drain back through the line. First crank won't get the fuel all the way up, but by the time you cycle the fuel pump again it is good enough to run.
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