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72 AMPs? 130,000 watts? Nine 15 inch subs?

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Check out this shizz:

Booming System
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At least you can drive your car
where i work we are about to put 2 of the new kicker solo x 18 inch square subs in a 74 impala 2 dr..gotta take the whole back seat out and the subs are gonna face toward the front of the car...each sub is gonna have 4 of the new kicker sx1250.1 amps on each sub...2 high output alternators, i think 6 component sets, ALOT of fiberglass, some screens, and a bunch more stuff..the dude already paid 2400 for both subs, now hes gonna have to come up with another 15-20k for the rest...he's one of those customers that doesnt have a job, hes uhhhh self employed but who cars he fills my pockets when he comes to spend!!!
I thought that Australian Rugby player had the loudest, but thats friggin nuts, shame its not driveable, doh
Most people mod their car for speed, they do it for dB. Rock on. :rock
wow thats gonna give you a headache even at low levels.
that is tight. as far as a headache they wear hearing protection
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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