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Hi guys, I did my " newbie check-in" as requested.
However, I'm still curious about opinions regarding the 2000 528i. I just bought one. I'm not familiar with BMW nor this model's history. But, I do understand BMW has a great reputation (generally) & re-sale value holds up good over time. That's why I bought this car. Appearently 528i is a good model? (been reading a lot here so far) Not looking for specific info (unless offered), just general info. Got this car from a retired Sherrif next door after his wife died. (she ordered the car, he didn't want it anymore, ....understandable)
It has 158K on the car. 4K ago, it had a 70K mi replacement motor put in. I have all the reciepts. Damn, the motor alone was $4,500! To my thinking, I bought the motor & labor to install it...and got the rest of the car for free. The car is, in my opinion, in excellect condition, inside & out and books for about $7K to $9K.
As I'm in the learning stages of BMW, I'll take any input offered.
Thanks, Marty

BTW, it was $6K to buy it.

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I own a 528i as well. In terms of general information the E39 is a reliable platform for the most part. I'd have to say the most common issues in terms of suspension would be the sway bar end links. These tend to fail over time and can make a whole lot of noise.

Engine wise the M52TU has a history of VANOS seal failure. The VANOS is BMW's variable valve timing unit and it works by using oil pressure to retard/advance cam timing. The seals in these units are not made of the right material and over time you can experience power loss and the engine sounds like it's running on diesel.

The cooling system is less than desirable in terms of build materials and I'd have to say it is the primary trouble area on BMW's. The thermostat housings are prone to crack, the water pump impeller is made of a plastic resin and are almost guaranteed to break at some point, and the radiators are also known to fail over time as well (happened to me once). Make sure when you are checking for fluid level in the cooling system you fill the system with the recommended fluid. Alot of coolant is basic (high pH) and can cause the cooling system to fail prematurely.

Most maintenance on this car is simple by modern BMW comparisons. Oil changes are straight forward and most issues can probably be sorted out in your driveway with some free time.

Overall, the E39 is an enjoyable car
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