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I'm a new member and I'm looking at a '95 525i automatic with 88,000 miles. Is this a good deal? What problems should I expect or what problems has anyone experienced? Any help and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks for help in advance
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what's the asking price?
welcome aboard manyp!!

Sounds like it's in the right's a little guideline for you to follow..

change the zip.. :p*
Originally posted by manyp@Apr 22 2003, 07:04 AM
hmmm... i'm not sure the blue book on that, but try to pay 1 grand less than that. always offer like 1000 less than the asking price
And also do a carfax..not a cure all, but it'll help you out on your decision..

Good luck!! B)
will this be a family car or personal?

keep in mind that this car is basically a 325i +1000 pounds and a bigger body

if it is not family i would look into something more fun, just mho
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