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Hi everyone, my 520i touring has approx. 160k on clock, bought the car about 3 weeks ago and has been fine starts 1st time etc. Was fine on Friday and parked up, about an hour later difficult to start and very lumpy running and would cut out, managed to limp home. Have had spark plugs out and all fine there, noticed split hose that comes from the underside of the main air tube near the throttle ass'y. Covering the split with my hand made a difference, so cut pipe and rerouted to form a seal and although was better didn't fix the problem. Then noticed a 1/4" vacum hose from top of crankcase was completly perished and in 2 bits so replaced this with a bit of pvc tubing to try and prove a point. There was quite a bit of oil in the air filter box and the main air duct. Car now starts and runs sweet on tickover but will only run sweet up to 1500 rpm then will splutter and die. Not sure if the dodgy vacum hoses have caused a problem elsewhere. Some of the others also look perished. Can't understand the initial problem that car ran ok and then didn't an hour later - that seems more like a deffinate fault as the hoses have probably been perished for a while. Could oil also now be blocking any of the other vacum / breather hoses that would cause the lack of power?
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