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Ok.. Sorry if I started two threads about similar things, but they are a bit different.

I just found a 2007 335i coupe, 6 spd, black on cream, fully loaded with navi, bluetooth, sport, premium, etc.. 10k miles, Price negotiated is $32000. I think based on my research it's a good price. But..

Will the 335i be annoying to drive, if I'm not gunning it? Can it drive smoothly in stick when I'm not driving aggressively, or will it be feeling like it wants to take off all the time (think m3). I like to have the power when I want it, but want to drive comfortably and smoothly when I'm driving conservatively.

Has anyone driven the 328i, 330i, and 335i? If so, what is the major differences besides power.

It's between this and the 330i sedan 6 spd.. Also is gas going to be a lot worse on the 335i? Confused on which way to go here.


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The N54 motor is very torquey down low in the revs due to direct fuel injection and a relatively high compression ratio. The motor does not suffer from turbo lag and has plenty of power throughout the powerband.

I've driven my moms 535xiT 6-speed and the motor effortlessly moves it around, even with the all wheel drive system the motor doesn't skip a beat.

You rarely have to downshift to pass and from my experiences in the 5 series touring, driveability isn't any different from any other car I've ever driven. When you peg the throttle that's when it wants to take off.

The 328i and 330i have 238hp and 258hp respectively. The motor in those cars is the N52 which is typical of most BMW straight 6's. Very smooth and torquey with a linear power band.

I can't speak for the 335i, but my moms 535xiT has averaged 22MPG in its lifetime and that's in commuter traffic and the occasional moments where I get to drive it alone where I really wring it out.
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