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So today after class i picked up my mom and we went to the BMW dealership to test drive a new 335i. They had a two door coupe and a 4 door. We decided on the 2 door for the looks and went out.

Had premium package and winter package. Automatic tranny

So...its a beutiful car lets start with that..looks better in person..alot better, but the inside is just plain horrible IMHO. Everything seems cheap. The wood trim on the passenger side(the trim under the airbag) actually had a kind of craftsmen ship is that? Even though they claim to have more headroom..that seems like total bs.

The radio and accesories look they were pulled from a honda accord and the Gauges are marginal on style. They moved the window switches to the door handles(which might i add are also cumbersome) and basically i dont like that.

Seats are comfortable..but our E46 seats are better.

Trunk is huge..ill give you that. Otherwise..from the inside..I hate it.

Now on to the fun part.

I got to drive it about 10 miles, of which about 2 was windy backroads. I put it into Sport mode and took off from the side of the road. GODAM did it pull hard. 0-60 is as wuick as they tell you..if not faster. I couldnt actually put my foot down..because by the time i got it all the way down, or close to it, I was already way above the limit. Got to 80mph on a back road straight ..didnt even realize it. Handling was pretty good..although the road feel wasnt there like our 330 or my 318..i didnt feel connected with the road. Dont get me wrong..i knew i was glued to the road, i felt that, but something was missing.
The lack of limited slip sucked, period.

I got onto the hauled ass.

The transmission dropped it into gear once, which personally i dont think it should be doin after 146miles of road. Other then that the tranny was responsive and fun to use in manu-matic mode.

Overall..I didnt like the car. for 46k its not worth it. Sorry..Im still kinda hurt..but BMW messed it up IMHO. My mom was considering it, because the exterior styling and power, but she definately didnt want the 2 door, because it just doesnt feel comfortable. We looked at the 4 doors, little more spacious..but still felt cheap from the inside. Exterior and Engine I give an A+ though.
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