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I am looking to buy a 330d M-Sport this year with an Auto Box. I have test driven the 320d, 325d and 330d all with manual and auto boxes. 2009 saw a face lift model if I'm correct which improved both performance and MPG of the engines stated.

Whilst I appreciate the 325d, like the 330d engine is a 3L turbo 6-cylinder engine it hasn't got the same power as the 330d. It didn't feel as smooth as the 330d and interestingly provided a lower MPG during the test drive.

My question being for 320d and 330d owners as to the actual fuel consumption. BMW's figures are good and it seems there is around a 10mpg difference between the 330d and 320d engine. There's no doubt the 330d is a lot faster, smoother and probably stronger as an engine but I am curious about actual fuel costs in the real world.

I'm in the UK so if there are any UK owners out there, averages costs in £'s would be greatly appreciated.

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