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325i vs Accord

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In a drag who would win...
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Thats a damn close call.... no idea
which year? the new ones have a 6 speed ricers have them we are gonna have to wait and i dont think its too hard to beat them i mean the new altima 3.5 v6 is supposed to have 245 but hey i beat one in my 325...
you guys better watch out. The new accords, I test drove one. The new 6 cylinder has 240hp and it feels a lot faster than a new 325i in Auto. Now with their 6 speed manual, the 325 doesn't have much of a chance.
a new accord v6 sedan cooks a 330i lol no 325 has a chance....
ooo...i beg to differ...mine will B)
lol i never said a MODDED 325 couldnt, lol.....i always compare stock cars, since thats the only fair way..but i dont know what sorta mods he has and if it is a e36 or e46
bone stock for both and 95 for the accord (thats the guy im gonna race)
oh those accords...easy win
those accords have like 150hp...
BTW, KMracing, is your car a e30, e36 or e46
ive said this before speedster, e36
no prob, got any pics of your rides speed? and are they both all yours? if so thats tight... Someday im gonna by a m3
Originally posted by SpeedsterBMW@Apr 25 2003, 01:45 AM
a new accord v6 sedan cooks a 330i auto.
no shit cam!

they are still fwd so they understeer but they're not bad on power. They share a common motor with the Acura NSX (minus 40HP) how gay is that?
whatever japanese horsepower always seems overrated imo...except for the cool cars...but anyways like i said altima 3.5 245 hp...easy kill
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