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Hello. I have studied as many options or contributors of a 325i stalling as I could. As you will see I have completed a number of the common responses to a Stalling issue. Please let me know what I have missed. Much appreciated!

Tried to provide as much info as I could. It might be to much.

2004 E46
175k miles

Driveability issue:

Low speed - low idle 500 rpm. Low speed stalls when coming to a stop sign or driving less than 20 KPH.

High speed- Rapid RPM drop. 2200 RPM to 650 RPM in 1 second, then RPM returns to 2200. This can happen multible times in a 20 km stretch of road. Feel as though brakes engage. Also that fuel injection cuts off for a moment.

In either instance the DSC and yellow brake light appear. Sometimes the CEL light appears.

However both codes report after the stall not prior to.

Work in 3 months to I have completed myself.
-inspected wiring.
-inspected grounds.
- fuses all checked.
- voltage is good
-replaced voltage regulator
-replaced battery
-rebuilt DISA
-replaced T-stat
-replaced throttle body (borrowed)
-replaced throttle body gasket (OEM)
-replaced Cam Shaft Position Sensor twice (intake and exhaust with OEM)
-cleaned ICV multible times
-cleaned MAF multible times
-replaced lower intake boot
-replaced fuel pump
-replaced fuel filter
-repaired vacuum lines
-smoke tested revealed no vacuum leaks
-cleared adaptations from DME
-tested fuel pressure at fuel rail holds 3 BARs.
-inspected DME plugs for oil seapage. None found. No corrosion.
-inspected each wheel sensor. Cleaned. None appeared damaged.
-Visual inspect ABS reluctors
-inspected spark plugs. All consistant with mileage.
-CCV systems appears clear

- SHTFT1 ~ 3
- SHTFT2 ~ 4
- O21B1 ~.4
Same for B2

BMW wanted me to replace throttlebody. Incorrect diagnosis.

Other times the car starts with no problem. Car idles at 700 and drives very well.

Car is all OEM. No modifications except radio head unit.

Need assistance diagnosing if this is a DME or an ABS/DSC failure.
- pressure switch?
- Steering angle sensor?
- control box?

Anything I missed and that I should check?

I am replacing Differential fluid with Redline this weekend.

Thank you very much!!
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