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I have a 2000 323i and sometimes it will make a creeking noise when Im going slow over bumps and sometimes when I turn the wheel.. And sometimes like when its cold outside it wont make any noise..?????????
Would this be the CAB?
Also when I bought the car the dude gave me the stock rims too but he had some 17s on there and they look way better.. My back right tire area sounds like a wavering noise, and it gets faster as I go faster, at about 60mph it isnt noticable though... The previous owner bought a new 5 series and said he had given the 323 to his son for college but then took it away from him.. The rims look good but I can tell theres been some curb checks and they have been doctored also.. To me the wavering noise sounds like a bent rim or some bearings that need to be greased....
Thanks for the help
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