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For all you 323ci owners,i know how you feel about the performance of your car so i am sharing my mods to you guys so you dont give up hope on your car. All these mods i have installed myself and spent less than $2000.00.

K&n cai, ebay headers, custom 2.5" header back exhaust, obx power pulley,removal of ac belt, m54b25 intake manifold, carbon fiber hood, topspin design racing seats (30 lbs), 75 dry shot nos kit, 3.46 differential, and waiting for my shark injector.

First off, i would like to say the nitrous is bad ass but gets pricey due to the refills. The headers and the open exhaust is the most noticible difference in performance gains. Then the intake manifold swap, which really gets rid of the running out of steam in the higher rpms. The pulleys, hood, seats, and the removal of the ac belt and spare tire works together to put less drag (strain) on the motor. The seats saved around 100 lbs or so and was a noticible difference in performance. Im still waiting for the shark injector to come in so i will post the results when installed. Im planning to use a 25 shot to see the results on how the nitrous and shark work together.

I raced my buddys 330ci zhp and the results were:
Off the line he jumped up about a car length ahead but i was right next to him the whole time and let off at the end of 3rd gear. 2nd run i sprayed and left him like he was standing still and he let off at the end of 2nd gear. Then i raced my buddy's e46 m3 with lighter rims, he had a head start but i was pulling him by a cunt hair and i had one passanger. He wouldnt race me again!
i beat mustang gts, g35 and 37s, 350s, vtecs, and many more. The m52tub25
is a great motor that just needs to be opened up. Do these mods and youll feel like you in a whole different car.


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