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Hi ppl im a newbee,
I just bought a 1996 318i and it has a brand new radiator fitted. It was overheating quite quickly so i decided to bleed the radiator. Quite a lot of bubbles were coming out the bleed screw hole and still are. I read on here that if you pour water in while its running and let it run through this should get rid of any air through the bleed hole.
The temparature seems to be staying at 12oclock now and wont budge. The only problem is that it still seems as though its overheating...lots of steam comes out the bleed screw after its been driven around the block, and im not sure if there is still air in there or not.
I have no loss in power and it starts no problem with no smoke or anything.
Could it be the head???......or still air in the system????
I also have no hot air coming through the blowers inside.
Any advise would be great.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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