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2001 316 ti compact ,auto.

Just bought it, it's a New Zealand new car as we get a lot of Japenese imports which often have had very poor if any maintenance, and only done 102,000kms.

two main issues plus 3 other

1/ fan blower not working, I've checked youtube and have a basic idea of what to look for however expert advice greatly appreciated.
2/radio, original unit was taken out and then recently put back in however it's not working and volume button seems very loose?
3/ seems sluggish especially at low revs, once it reves out seems ok but isn't right as sounds like it labouring and droning sound under load and low revs.
4/ would not start after engine wash but seems to have been fuel pump as cant hear it working, turns over but nothing, I've robbed out the unit from my E46 318i and am fitting that today
5/ the previous owner said that it occasionally dies with an engine light on which they thought was the timing chain that needs replacing but they are a lifetime unit and at only 102,000kms could it just be the tensioner. as they turn it off wait 5/10 minutes and it disappears, I've only had a day so it hasn't happened but I drove it home on the freeway and it didn't occur. and it's not rattling as a very quiet motor, I had jags and other cars that do 5 times the kms and while rattly still go fine.

so advice, please

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