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The essence of the BMW M5 has always been a moving target.

Although the first few iterations of the world-beating four-door clung to the original six-cylinder formula linking it to the brand’s groundbreaking M1 supercar, it wasn’t long – a mere three generations in – before the M5 had broken with that tradition by swapping heritage for a snarling V8. Since then it’s been a merry-go-round of technical innovations for the super sedan, with an F1-inspired V10 giving way to forced induction as BMW continued to push the upper limits of ‘saloon’ horsepower.

The 2018 BMW M5 continues this trend. While you may hear whining from self-styled traditionalists about the latest addition to the vehicle’s arsenal of high-performance hardware – all-wheel drive – make sure to ask complainers which version of its history they’re pining for. Just be prepared for a personality crisis as they attempt to justify their reasoning for dismissing the mightiest M5 model yet.
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