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I am thinking of ordering a 2010 328i wagon to replace my 2002 325iT. Pretty much know what I want but I have a question about the sport pkg. The current car has both sports and premium pkgs. I like the the sport steering wheel and the feel of the seats and the handling but not so much the low ground clearance. I wonder if someone can give me input on the feel of driving one "with and with out the sport package". I have the 2010 equipment list and MSRP pricing. I have not seen the invoice pricing but have a quote at what is supposed to be $500. over and it seems about right based on the MSRP. I think that's a good deal. For 2010 there are various options on how to order the sports package unlike previous years and I would choose the simplest combination if I order it. That would be the ZSP without paddle shifters and with the 2SZ all season tires. OR, I could just order 17" wheels (option 2KU) and give up the sport steering wheel and shadowline trim to gain the ground clearance. That would give me a softer and perhaps quieter ride which since I am pushing 70 is not a bad thing.

Sure would appreciate any input you may have. I am a nubie here so I hope I haven't messed up. Ron
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