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Just bought a 2006 650i and am loving it. The car has a ipod/iphone interface wire in the glove compartment so I assumed that I would be able to listen to music from my iphone through the iDrive system.

Well I can't figure out how to get it working. I called up a bmw service agent and he said that this will work only on earlier generations ipods but not on the iphone or nano. Also that on the iDrive the ipod interface is accessible through the CD option.

I don't understand this, I found many 650i owners (on the web) who were raving about how well the iphone works with their 2006 650i while the bmw service agent said that its just not possible.

Please help ? I hope I am simply missing something, I'd hate it if I can't listen to my music on the iphone. The car has a 6 cd changer but it has been a long time since I have used CDs and I hope I don't have to burn a bunch to just listen to music. That would totally suck !!!

Any insight would be really helpful.
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