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2006 4 series

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the new 3 series coupe will be called the 4 series. i'm not sure if this is any way accurate but it just basically looks like an E46 from the side, which is a good thing

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the rear lights look like the Z4, then again it is supposedly named the 4 series, sounds weird, lol
Does it HAVE to look like a mini 5-series?
there's no way those are real photos, but it doesnt look all that bad from the front, even tho it is pretty much a mini-5.
id think thatd be more of a 6 series... looks nice nonetheless :wub: :wub: :wub:
I think it looks OK but I don't see them ditching the "3" series names that they have carried ever since the 2002.
hmmm.....i'll take an SLK320 :)

why take such a fine automobile and make it worse

im sure it will grow on me but i prefer the current styling

hopefully they will give the M series 1-2 more years of good looks
why would they plan now to replace the 3 coupe even tho the new 3 coupe redesign just came out? i think bmw should stick with their roots and design the car...and leave the design be for years. Like they've been doing with the E39, E36, E38..may I go on?
maybe I'm crazy but that looks alot like the 1 series we saw in concept form last year...
Ok, i think its really stupid that theyd change the name to a 4 series...but i pretty much like the styling of the car. A lot of people are saying that the new 4 series looks like a mini 5, a lot of people said the 5 was a mini 7...i just think theyre whole line looks fuckin hot, and thats why theyre carrying the feautures to their new cars

Btw, any news on an X7?
i just cant wait till the 2 series, hot damn ill sell my jeep in an instant for those. Back to the good old days, get rid of the modern shit, just small and fast.
They will be splitting the series. They will be dropping the "C". 4 door cars will be 3 series, and the 2 doors will be 4 series
i just cant wait till the 2 series, hot damn ill sell my jeep in an instant for those. Back to the good old days, get rid of the modern shit, just small and fast.
All I can say is... Right On.
i don't think the car looks bad, but i think they are trying too hard to change the design...but if you have noticed the 3 series line that is out right now has been around since 1999, thats almost 6 years, thats quite along time to just change small things like the front bumper. also changing the names of the coupes to even numbers and stuff seems kind of pointless, but it doesn't hurt anything....

...and for those of you that hate the fact they want to change the look of the cars, what is wrong with that? (i know they look great now, but that doesn't mean there is no need to try new things out) if you look back at cars of the 50's and 60's they were changing the styles of cars every year and some times even quicker, there is nothing wrong with that either, that made alot of cars collectors items very quickly, look at the corvettes of that era.

thats my 2 cents at least
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What? That's news to me. I know the 2006 3-Series is getting a new body style like the older 5ers....but not chaning it to a 4-Series.

They should just have a new the 4-Series...
So BMW will have the....1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8...M3/M5, X3/X5, and Z3/Z4.

Not to mention they own the Mini as well as Land Rover.
The nicest thing I can say is "this is the LEAST UGLY of the new designs", but it still looks terrible to me - inside and out. The sagging line from the trunk down along the door sills makes it look fat and sloppy. The the "J curve" at the back window now looks like something from a Lexus. I plan to buy a 2005 3-series (M3 I hope) to get the last good looking car BMW makes. I just wish I could get BMW mechanicals under Mercedes sheet metal. Unfortunately, it will probably be 5-10 years before these cars get de-Bangled. By then, Audi or M-B will have stolen A LOT of customers like me. Audi is an interesting example of a company that is changing the look of their cars to be more distinct without trashing the whole essence of the design. And the the SLK350 is one of the nicest-looking small coupes I have ever seen. Let's face it, the driving experience cannot totally make up for a ugly design.
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It looks like a mix between the 3 series and z4. From the side it looks like a longated 3 series with the curves of a z4. *shrugs*
It does not look like a bmw.
i read somewhere that they are not getting rid of the 3 series. rather, coupes will be the 4 series, and sedans will be 3 series (yeah, i know, seems counter-intuitive). i think the design won't be strictly "3-series-coupe-except-it-now-has-a-4-series-model-number" but it'll be close. so yeah, no worrying, there will be plenty of 3 series in the future, just not how we know them. besides, who knows if someday they'll have an m4...
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