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Hi guys, Can anyone help? I have x5 Diesel for 18 months and trying to find out why on firm acceleration have thick black smoke. I first got diagnosed an air flow sensor which was replaced 12 months ago, that appeared to fix problem 80% was told excess would be cleaned out exhaust system eventually. one month later turbo died and had that replaced but still had smoke my mechanic couldn`t say if airflow sensor had gone again said it may go over time. It hasn`t and there is still a little grey smoke on normal take off, but doesn`t use any oil.I have no confidence in bmw dealers mechanics although there is a 2 year warranty on the air flow sensor. I have been to an expert who has an x5 and has no problems like me.Mine has done 113k he has done 190k. I also have a loud like what i would call tappet noise(rattle so to speak). This is my first diesel and bmw so not impressed so far.
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