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Hi Guyz,

Last night I was driving and suddenly number plate light bulb failure error showed up, a few moments later ABS failure then DSC error and then Power steering shut off, then iDrive shut itself off so lost complete control of the car, I then immediately parked it on the side fearing the brakes might go down too.

Then i turned the engine off and tried to restart hoping the errors would go away but engine didnt start. Then I got transmission failure message too.

Anyway I had get the car towed to my home and everytime when I just even use central locking to unlock the car the Transmission error shows up, if I turn the key to 2 the idrive works for a few moments and then shuts down.

I think the battery is not being charged if thats the case? I've read on some posts that i should read the battery output and it should be somewhere around 12v with engine off and 14.6 with it running.

Now my problem is car is not starting up, whats the solution? What kind of mobile battery charger should I use to at least make it go to a workshop?

Any recommendations? is there anything i could do myself to rectify the situation? Do you think its the battery thats causing the problem or there could be some serious expensive to fix issue?

If I have to buy a new battery, which one should I buy? I am in London.

Thanks guyz
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