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So I had a rear broken spring, which made the car lower on the driver's side by 1/4 inch. I replaced both springs with OEM as recommended by my indie.

The car is exactly the same as before, the driver's side is still lower as when the spring was broken! Why is that? The car was perfectly even before the spring broke.

What's more, now thereo is a knocking noise coming from the rear, nly when turning tight (e.g mini roundabouts, in and out of the drive, tight bends etc at very low speeds (5-10mph). Sometimes it's not there when turning on a very even road surface, but if there's even the slightest surface imperfection or gradient change it's definitely there when turning. It's a holow type of knocking noise, you hear just a single knock when turning no rattling etc. No knocking when driving shtraight and going over bumps, pot oles etc whatever the speed. No weird sounds at motorway speeds either and the car handles the same as before.

I just jacked the car up and didn't see anything suspicious under. Also the top mounting points of the shock absorbers seem pretty solid.

Anyone had the same before? The car is an 03 318Ci. Help! the noise is driving me insane!!
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