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Hi from a Newbie,

I'm finishing off a top end rebuild of my 318i (M43tu engine) following a catastophic failure of the DISA valve. I've now come to refit the camshaft oil spray bar (BMW part 11 42 1 727 954 "Oil pipe")and found it is loose and floppy at the central union; this is most noticeable when the pipe is not fitted and of course is held more rigid when bolted into place, however, even then there is still a little movement.

I've been told by one source that on the M43 engine this is not so much of a problem as with other engines, but I'm not convinced it's a good idea to reuse the pipe, as the oil could spray out from the union rather than out through the proper holes and onto the cam lobes.

Anyone got any thoughts on this issue?

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