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I have been trawling through the internet to find information about this, but, as of yet, I cannot seem to find much.

What I need to know, if you would so kindly help me, is the location of the Camshaft Position Sensor (Bank 1). I haven't found any info anywhere really. The car has an M54B30 engine.

I was using an OBD reader last weekend because my car recently has been suffering from atrocious performance, random stalling, and quite low economy. The MAF was knackered, but it also gave me the fault code P0340 (CPS Bank 1), so if that is faulty, I'm going to replace that too to see if the problem is sorted. I've sourced all the parts (MAF & CPS), but, alas, I have no idea where the location for the sensor is.

If anyone would be able to assist, I would be greatly appreciative of your help.

Thanks in advance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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