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I am finally ready to move on :(. I've been back and forth on selling the M for over a year now. Financially I could use the $$ for graduate school and paying off some old debt, but it is definitely my dream car and in extremely mint condition, which makes it that much harder to sell. Hell I even have a license plate that says "My M" :)

I have been maintaining it religiously since August 2008 and driving it like a grandma, with a spirited run every week or so, after properly warming up of course. I have also garaged it every day of the two winters I had it and most of the time I've owned it. Now I have an urge for a motorcycle and a daily driver that I don't care much about. I will be back in the M3 when I'm more financially stable and can blow $10k on modding it the way I want. That said, I'd love to see this go to someone who'll treat it well, hopefully local so I can see it around here and there.

I am the third owner and the first two treated the car very well. Even though it was an Indiana, Michigan & Chicago car it's whole life, it was always garaged, not driven in winter, maintained regularly and has fairly low miles, all of which shows on the very clean paint & underside. Both of the owners babied it as well and it definitely shows.

It's not a "must sell" obviously so I won't consider lowball offers but I'm a bit flexible and would like to sell asap.

That said, here's the info on the car...

-1999 BMW M3 (very very stock and very very clean)
-VIN#: WBSBG9338XEY82961
-Manual 5 speed with 87000 miles
-Dakar (clear-coated) with black leather. Paint is 9 of 10 with a small paint chip here and there in front. I can't remember anyone seeing my car for the first time and not commenting on how great the paint looks. Leather is 9.5-10 of 10 as it has no tears, scratches, stains, etc. just some very very light creases in the driver's seat bolster. Rear is immaculate.
-Heated & power seats and both function properly

Aftermarket stuff:

-ASA AR1 wheels with Falkens (tires are about 40-50% and wheels are in good shape and straight... rear wheels have some spots of clear coat failure on the lips but it's not horrible and can be easily sanded and re-cleared) 8" 225/40-18 front and 9" 245/35-18 rear
-Short intake with heat shield... I constructed the intake using half a metal pipe from an old Cosmos intake and have an AEM Dryflow filter on the end. Heatshield is custom made thin aluminum and fits perfectly with bracket attached to where the stock box screws go.
-DJ Auto headlights with 55w 6000K HID kit from DDM installed with their HID harness
-Alpine CD player with detachable face, remote and ipod/iphone cable (cable comes out from under the middle console but can be easily relocated)
-Black plastic kidney grille covers from DDM
-45% window tint all around (except windshield) done by one of the most reputable local guys, using Huper Optik nano-ceramic film (looks a lot better than regular film)
-Recently aligned by Anthony at A&L (best shop in the Chicago area by far)
-Front fold-down license plate holder from Swift Motorsports
-Clear Depo tails & smoked corners
-Velocity splitters from DDM


-Cooling system done about 200 miles ago along with a fan delete. Done solely as preventative maintenance, nothing at all wrong with it and no leaks. Mishimoto aluminum radiator was used. I replaced all hoses, new exp. tank, new sensor, etc. plus lower temp tstat & fan switch with OE stuff. 50/50 BMW coolant/distilled water and 1 bottle water wetter were used. Temps tested with an OBD II reader and are in the perfect range (190-198) even with 95* heat in traffic.
-Belts, tensioner pulleys and idler pulley were all replaced along with the cooling system.
-Oil has been religiously changed every 5,000 miles and filter every 2,500-3000 miles with Amsoil 5w40 and MANN filters
-Air filter was changed regularly and current AEM Dryflow has been used for only 2000 miles
-Fuel filter (MANN) was changed at 73,xxx when I bought the car, and then at 83,000 miles, so it's only at 4,000 miles now
-Cabin filter was also replaced at 73,xxx and also at 85,000 with Rein Auto from AutohausAZ
-Spark plugs (NGK BKR6E) were done at 79,xxx miles
-Trans fluid done at 79,000 miles using Royal Purple Synchromax
-Diff fluid done at 79,000 miles using Royal Purple Max Gear 75w-140
-Power steering fluid done at 85,300 using Amsoil ATF.
-Power steering reservoir & hoses were also replaced along with the fluid due to a small leak on the small dia. hose. I used the NAPA 1/2" hose with 2 clamps at each end (reservoir & coil pipe) for that hose and it has been bone dry since. I used an OE hose to replace the other hose, going to the pump
-Tierods are only 2000 miles old, replaced along with an alignment recently

-OE brake pads all around (not installed). I bought the pads from a friend as he sold his car, so they're just sitting waiting for new rotors as well.
-Leather bra came with the car when I bought it. It's a BMW piece and fits perfectly over the front of hood and whole bumper
-Few filters (oil, fuel) and a few quarts of Amsoil 5w-40

There might be a few things that I'm forgetting but that should pretty much cover it. The only thing that isn't replaced is the brake fluid. Brakes work perfectly and I planned on doing it when I get a new set of pads & rotors all around.

I honestly can't think of anything bad on the car other than the rear wheels needing a sanding and clearcoat on the lips due to the flaking (I bought them with this issue). Otherwise the car is perfect. The OBC works perfectly fine as do all interior electronics. There is 1-2 pixels missing on the temp controls but it's on a single number and doesn't prevent reading the number easily. Seat controls all work and they heat up as they should. Engine works as it should with no weird knocking, noises, leaks, etc. Tranny shifts smoothly and clutch feels great and should be good for a long time still. Suspension still feels solid with no squeeking, shot shocks, rattling, etc. Car is overall in perfect shape and needs absolutely nothing but a new driver.

This can easily be proven with an inspection and test drive by potential buyers. I have turned away many test drives as people stop by and think they can just drive around, so even in that sense it has been taken care of. I will only allow a test drive to either people with cash in hand or responsible adults genuinely interested in purchasing the car.

Asking $13,000. Negotiable but no lowballers.

I can deliver the car anywhere in the US for a reasonable fee (split plane ticket back home for example)

Feel free to email, call or PM with any inquiries.

(773) 715-4198
ivopivo11 at

Recent photos (from when I first posted this last year... will take updated shots within the next few days):

Engine, interior, trunk and clear coat damage on wheels:
(Taken with fairly strong flash so some small things in leather might be a bit exaggerated)


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Very nice, seems kind of pricey, but it is in great condition! Good luck with the sale.

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ttt... due to finding a great deal on the bike I want, I'm willing to let the M3 go for $12,000 with stock headlights, intake, and few other small things (interior lights, license plate cover, etc.), which are all in great shape.
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