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Just recently (past few days) my car has been acting very strange. It starts right up, I can rev the engine and theres no hesitation at all. But when I shift into gear sometimes it feels as if its not in gear, engine is still getting gas (MPG stick is moving when pressing gas) but its almost as if I down-shifted and theres a little back-pressure (definitely not down-shifting though). Then a couple seconds later it will either fix itself (kinda pop back into gear) and be fine or it will stall out on me. Its a 5-speed m52 engine. The shifter doesnt kick out either, feels like it doesnt get gas but then I can restart it no problem so it's definitely getting gas.

After some research I was thinking it might be my Intake Camshaft Sensor but I am not sure....its my daily driver and I need her back on the road asap.......any suggestions friends?!

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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