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Just want to get a ball park figure here, I am not selling my car, but would like to know what people are willing to pay for what I have and is listed below.

1998 323is
Black on Black w/ Tint
Manual Transmission
Pioneer CD Player
205/50/15 Yokohoma
Did rears then fronts withing 2months of each other summer 2012

Gripforce Stage 1 Clutch w/ LW flywheel 10/2012
CAI w/ K&N mounted in bumper
Painted RED Engine Cover and Front cover(that connects alternator tube)
Straight Pipe
Suede M3 shift boot
Bilstein Shocks in rear
rear shock brace
front shock brace available
M3 vents installed in fenders(not stick on)

Oil change every 5000 Full Synthetic Penzoil 5w30
new brakes Feb/ 2012 front and rear
Completely new cooling system
New radiator, new upper and lower hoses, new thermostat, aluminum thermostat housing, new water pump w/ metal impeller, new fan clutch,
new radiator fan(mechanical) the resoviour tank, fan shroud, are used/

most new parts excluding fan clutch and used parts were from BAVAUTO.COM

some bad:
door panels not staying secure
glove box missing leather cover, glove box works just no cover
rip in the left bolster of the driver seat
front defrost inoperative
dings, scratches, and some paint fade
check engine light is on, needs two new 02 sensors

the good:
the car shifts fine, stops fine, recent alignment, does not overheat, oil is clean, no leaks,


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