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Just ran my "new" 1996 328iS automatic, for a few 1/4 mile runs using a Gtech to measure time, speed, HP and Torque.

Some results:

Best 1/4 mile time: 14.7 sec
Speed at 1/4 mile: 95.5 mph
0-60 time: 6.68 sec

HP at rear wheels: 154 HP
Torque at rear wheels: 166 ft-lb

Flywheel HP and Torque are 190HP and 207 ft-lb I think.

So this means the % of flywheel HP/Torque delivered to the rear wheels is: 80%

A few weeks ago I ran some real 1/4 miles at the drags:

Best 1/4 mile time: 15.44 sec
Speed at 1/4 mile: 91 mph

In a friend's car, we ran the Gtech at the drags simultaneously and got results within .1 second of the actual time.

All I did between the actual runs and the ones today was change the air filter (stock), change the oil and filter and changed all the plugs.

I still need to get the gearing ratio/final drive ratio to back out the flywheel HP from the raw data. Anyone able to find them anywhere? I've looked everywhere online and can't get it. Don't have an owner's manual and it not in Chiltons. :nope

I'm having fun though running 100 mph+ on long straight country roads :driving
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