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I have a problem with rough idle and am gonna do the usual icv work and the crankcase pressure control valve ( breather hose to it failed last week ) but have a question regarding something else under the inlet manifold which is found on diagrams etc.

Q) I was wondering what the vacuum control box is ? This is listed on the site under their diagrams (which are v.good) and i was wondering what it is and do i need to order one along with my other service parts (c/case pressure cont.valve) ?

realOEM list as follows:-

The part is item 6 and the part # is 11611734472. Does anybody know what this part is and whether i need to order it?

The problem part i suspect is the culprit ( as it seems to loose vacuum when engine is completely hot ) is the crankcase pressure control valve is shown on the following link and is item 1 in the diagram ( part # 11157501567 )

Anymore feedback would be greatly appreciated.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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