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I am having major problems with surging.

This is a pretty long winded story. I have poured heaps of money at this car and cant stop now. I have replaced so many parts. one after the other finding 1 fault after another until this final problem surging.

I have replaced the following
Auto gearbox
both ecu's
tps switch
air flow meter
oxy sensor
new injectors
New spark plugs
Tested all wiring in Car
steering column
replacement air cleaner housing
replaced all hoses in engine bay
replaced rhs front bearing
fuel pump
fuel sensor
starter motor
idle regulator vavle
power steering
wishbones l and r
replaced struts and shocks all round

After spending shit loads of money I have this surging problem which I just cant locate or repair.

Any assistance with this or advice would be muchly appreciate I have been over everything.


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Hmm, many things were replaced that have no relevance to surging. The steering column and suspension parts wouldn't help any, and AFAIK there are no wishbones in the E36 rear Z-axle (struts in front). Surging can be caused by air leaks in the intake system.

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I know some of the parts replaced have nothing to do with the surging problem it was just meant to explain some of the things I have done.

Air leaks from where. I have replaced all hoses and connectors and gaskets in engine bay. have checked extensively the manifold area for any leaks. NOTHING FOUND to be leaking.

All parts were replaced at the time of finding faults.

The surging faults see the list below this is what was replaced when we encounted the problem.

Airflow meter
oxy sensor
spark plugs
replaced all hoses / connector / gaskets in engine bay
wiring checked
tps switch
air cleaner housing and filter
idle reg value

Without finding the problem or solving it.

When driving the car once the engine is hot the surging begins and gets progressively worse until the engine stalls all the time when stopping at traffic lights.

If you put the Auto gear lever into park the surging stops. but returns once driven.

if you turn off the engine and re start the surging goes but will return once driven.

The only thing I havent checked or replaced is the alternator. could it be faulty and not supplying correct voltage when idling at lights which in turn gives a problem to the ecu or other electrical parts.

This is just a long reaching idea. As all BMW tech's cant work out fault as everything that should cause the problem has been replaced.

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