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All right. In February I bought a MANUAL 1991 BMW 318i from Wichita Kansas, which is three hours from where I live. Anyways I stopped at the gas station to fuel up and I noticed the car was leaking coolant (looked blueish). I checked it out... couldnt see where it was leaking from so i bought a jug of coolant and went on my way (of course after replenishing my coolant).

*NOTE* The whole time the heater never worked

I had drove about an hour and I noticed the heat guage rapidly rising... so I decided I needed to pullover. I drove a bit more hoping to come across a gas station. The guage just hit red so I pulled over and at that moment the car shut off. Steam was billowing from the engine.
I sat about an hour and a half waiting for it to cool off, hoping it would start back up. I tried several times and it wouldn't start. Well Finally I got it to start, but this was with difficulty. I had to constantly turn the key while having the car in neutral and pumping the gas. Make note that while I was doing this the speed of the engine kept slowly increasing until the car was finally running.

I drove it about another 30 minutes down the road to a gas station in Florence KS and parked it. Ever since then the car would not start.

Currently the car is in storage in Florence KS... Did find out that the water pump had died. That was replaced. The car STILL will not start. What are reasons for why the car won't start? I figure that perhaps BMW may have some sort of sensor that went out when it overheated that may be causing the car to not start again. But if this is the case then why was I able to move it after it overheated?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have never worked on BMWs before. I only mechanically and electronically know how to deal with the old Fox Body Mustangs.

Oh by the way... shortly before I drove the BMW after I bought it, the guy I bought it from just changed the alternator on it. I brought one down since the one on the car was bad. Don't know if this info will help


P.S. How was I able to drive the car another 30 minutes after letting it cool down if it over heated to the point where the engine was toast? In theory shouldn't it not have been able to move?
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