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B) I`m selling both of my 1990 735i`s.

1st. The inside is tan leather, outside is forest green. The leather feels like no one has ever sat in the seats, and so does the paint. 120K miles, and the only mod I have on it are Angel Eyes, and European Clear Corner Lights. $ 7K

2nd. The leather is gray, and outside is silver. Everything is 100% shape, and my beemer is flawless all around. 90K miles, and I also have Angel Eyes, and European Clear Corner Lights on this one. $ 8K

Both cars run,look, and feel as if BMW just delivered them to our door. One is my wife`s and the other is mine. Contact me if you have any further questions. You can either reach me at (602) 861-6773, or via this email.
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