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So I just bought my first BMW Saturday.... it's a fix up classic and I love it. So far I have had a muffler mount welded, bought and scheduled the installation of a radiator, oil change, 2 stabilizers in the rear, right side engine mount, and working on a brake light wiring issue... hopefully that is something stupid, I have done research and so has my mechanic and tomorrow I go see a new guy who only does electrical. I also have cleaned the carpets, leather, and removed all oxidized paint, and small little scratches that have rusted. Soon as I get the last of the mechanical finished I plan on having her painted, black..and then I am going to start on the interior/dash work. So I am happy I have found this website, it is nice to have a reliable reference point, I already learned about the brake pad sensors light which was awesome, new brakes, pads, rotors light still on I assume the previous owner did not replace the sensors. In case anyone knows anything about the green/white wires connecting the brake light drivers side let me know. I really am doing this on my own...thanks so much Peace :)
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